[MPlayer-users] Invisible subtitles on SOME dvd's

Christof Buergi christof at buergi.lugs.ch
Mon Jul 28 20:34:09 CEST 2003

All right, I did some thorough checking.

The patch I sent earlier is *not* needed with the CVS-Version. I just 
made a mistake on testing. There is a queueing code in it since 
02/16/2003 that solves the problem. It took me quite some time to 
figure how it workes, but jolly good job whoever coded this. :-)

Now, for 0.90, things don't look so bright. The easiest way to solve the 
problem there cleanly would be a complete backport of the DVD subtitle 
decoder. This is unlikely to happen, since 0.90 is an end-of-the-line 
product. So, for those not willing to upgrade to CVS, the patch might 
help you (if you haven't got it, PM me, and I'll send it to you).

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