[MPlayer-users] Video editor advice?

Beneath ishikodzume at beneath.plus.com
Mon Jul 28 01:18:32 CEST 2003


I've done plenty of editing things out of videos with MEncoder, and i
just play the video until it gets to a point i want to snip out, and jot
down the position that's being displayed in the terminal, then mark when
the section ends. Then fine tune them and check by starting the video
with mplayer -ss TIME [...], and once you've got it down pat, just snip
out each segment using
mencoder -ss START_TIME -endpos END_TIME-START_TIME
Then you can cat them together and filter through mencoder to join them
again. Sounds like a lot of work, but really it isn't. Of course, it'd
be nice if we had a decent video editing package, then it'd be even LESS
work, but... eh. Oh, you can specify times as a decimal value, but in
order to get decent precision you might want to rencode the video with
an absurd amount of keyframes... (dunno if there is a less hacky way to
get the same seeking precision?)

Or, you could do what someone else said, and output to PNG files and
delete the ones you don't want, then re-encode. But synching audio will
be a /bitch/ if you do that.

 - Daniel

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