[MPlayer-users] .wma audio fails to play - an example

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Sun Jul 27 21:45:24 CEST 2003


> In some DRM implementations, the security of the file can be circumvented 
> without having to break its encryption. When a DRM-enabled media player has 
> unlocked a media file, the music still must be transferred from the 
> application to the computer's audio card. During this transfer, your music is 
> unencrypted, uncompressed, and completely unprotected. Third-party tools and 
> plug-ins have started to pop up on the Internet that can grab the contents of 
> your file and make a perfect digital duplicate that can be shared without 
> hindrance or compensation.
> The first response to this situation is Microsoft's Secure Audio Path (SAP), 
> which was introduced in Windows ME and XP. When a DRM-wrapped file is opened 
> on either of those platforms, SAP adds cryptographic noise to the signal that 
> is removed at the computer's audio subsystem only when all of its components 
> have been authenticated. If a copy of the file has been grabbed between the 
> media player and the audio card, it contains noise that makes playback 
> unlistenable. Playback by an authorized system is noise free, making SAP 
> transparent to the authorized listener.

Lol. It means that your soundcard has to be able to decrypt the data?
I doubt an old (or even a current cheaper one, without a decent DSP)
is able to do that, rendering eth whole idea unsaleable.

Anyway you could use digital out of soundcard, loopback to another soundcard
with digital input and record it...

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