[MPlayer-users] MP4 file format

Erik Slagter erik at oldconomy.com
Fri Jul 25 18:48:57 CEST 2003

> > So far I have found only one suite of programs that will produce mp4
> > files using Linux, mpeg4ip. I can't use it though, as my tv card is
> > mounted in a box without monitor or X installed. The mpeg4ip grabber
> > application depends on running a box with X installed as it has a
> > graphical ui and uses the X11 shared memory extension, so I cannot
> > redirect it to my desktop machine.
> man mp4live - it will run in headless mode

Yeah, right. I was thinking the same, but you need the gui for the
settings. I "faked" that on a another machine and copied the settings
file. This took me to the next problem though - all sorts of
segmentation faults and weird file contents (not playable by any
program, not even mpeg4ip itself). It seems that the code is not quite
mature yet.

BTW if you compile mpeg4ip, it will include all libraries you already
installed as a shared library, but then statically and from it's own
suppplied sources. Not nice.

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