[MPlayer-users] More on the screen reset, full information.

Hugo González Monteverde Hugo.Gonzalez at getronics.com
Thu Jul 24 19:24:58 CEST 2003

Hello to all,

As I was *kindly* advised, I'm including here all my posts and questions.

When I set up several video files in a playlist, they play OK, but 
there's always a magenta screen (about 0.5 seconds)between each video. 
Is it possible that they play more smoothly?

Some more info:

All the files are the same bitrate and format DivX5, 1024 kbps, audio 
mpeg 192kbps, 640x480.

I'm using the Xvidix driver with XFree 4.2 and the trident.o driver 
(card is Cyberblade Ai)

I'l using fullscreen to 1024*768 with double buffering.

Is this a driver reset? is there any way to get a smoother transition?

I already tried -fixed-vo, to no avail.

I was told I could change this reset color from magenta to black, 
"patching mplayer to use black as the color key instead of magenta"

If you can provide a real solution (other than "paste all the videos 
together") there will be a contribution of a couple hundred dollars to 
the individual who solves this or to the mplayer team, at the solution 
provider's choice.

The point is, this is my project: I am writing a playlist script for 
mplayer so that it will schedule videos one after another. It will send 
commands to slave mode. I get the magenta screen I wrote about and I'm 
unable to get a smooth transition between files.

The solution can be either:

a patch for the code so that it can avoid resetting the screen (remember 
that all of the files are the same format and bitrate)

a combination of options to get it to work (it's fullscreen)

Thanks a lot for your help. I will pay through paypal to the first one 
who provides a tested good answer or patch to do this.

Thanks a lot to all,



I have already considered those who have tried to help me so far in the 
list. I'm about to test one of the solutions.

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