[MPlayer-users] Latest XviD improvements

idontknownoname at gmx.net idontknownoname at gmx.net
Thu Jul 24 16:35:15 CEST 2003

Hi all!
First of all I want to thank the mplayer developers for this great
playing/encoding-suite! It is absolutely unbelievable what's possible using mplayer. I
just recently switched from Windows to Linux, and mplayer is for sure one of
the main reasons I never regretted it and probably never will.
Since I did a lot of encoding using Windows, one of the first things I tried
when my setup was running fine was to encode a DVD. Due to the great guide
of Moritz Bunkus that was no big problem (I did everything remotely from work,
imagine that under Windows... ;-).
But I'm not really satisfied with the quality of the encode...
I was using XviD, because I'm a great XviD fan, and although I know that
most of you prefer lavc, I would rather stick to XviD, because I have some
experience with the codec and know that it can produce very good results.
That the quality was not as expected is for sure due to the fact that I
couldn't get XviDs nice improvements to work, namely qpel, VHQ and bframes...
The movie has many low-motion scenes, and not using bframes would be a real
waste, I think, and since VHQ was improved a lot lately, I'm nearly always
using it (although I read lately that the higher levels are not supposed atm to
be used with bframes)...
So, what I want to ask is this:
Is the fact that the -xvidencopts accept only the "basic" XviD-features due
to fact that I'm not using the latest CVS-version of Xvid at the moment
(which I will be doing soon), or is it currently a limitation of mencoder?
I'm using the CVS-version of mplayer, so it seems to me that there is no
support in mencoder for this features...
If this is the case, are there plans for including the latest XviD features
into mencoder? I would really like to help with this, but unfortunately I
have no programming experience at all at the moment (well, I don't count some
visual basic and some experiments with Visual C++ as programming experience). I
expect it to be relatively easy to include the XviD-API-calls into mencoder
(could be extremely wrong with that of course), and I will certainly have a
look into the code if I can contribute anything at all.
Therefore I would be very glad if you could give me some hints and tips
where to start, what to learn...
And I would really appreciate some updates about the state of XviD-support
in mencoder, if this is on the development list, and when there may be the
first results.

Please excuse this long post (wasn't planned to be that long), thanks for
reading this, and again, thanks for the great Player/Encoder!

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