[MPlayer-users] Re: encrypted vcd

Jonathan Rogers jonner at teegra.net
Wed Jul 23 08:50:11 CEST 2003

weigelt at metux.de wrote:
> So my problem seems to be solved. My main problem was that i tried
> to play the mpeg-files from mounted SVCDs, which only works with
> an few CDs. Is it possible that the FS-emulation in the kernel
> only under specific cirmcumstances ?

It is my understanding that (S)VCDs have MPEG Program Streams in Mode 2 
tracks, instead of using Mode 1 like ISO9660. This allows more space for 
the movie, since it doesn't have all of the Error Correction Codes 
(ECC). Therefore, VCD movies aren't readable from an ISO9660 
filesystems, though the disc typically has a small filesystem for 
miscellaneous extra stuff. I suspect (though I'm not certain) that if an 
MPEG movie is readable from an ISO9660 filesytem, it isn't really a VCD, 
but an MPEG movie on a CD-ROM.

There is a Linux filesystem driver that can expose CD tracks as files, 
so reading the correct file should render the MPEG stream.


Jonathan Rogers

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