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Carl Karsten carl at
Wed Jul 23 01:31:28 CEST 2003

I apologize to the list for dragging this out in the public, but it seems many of the members of this are concerned with the topic
enough to bring it up, so I'll to bring out what the guidelines really are.

> Is your employer forcing you to use MS Outlook Express? If not, I suggest
> to consider an alternative mailreader, like The Bat or 40tude Dialog.

I personally don't like MS policies, practices, marketing, etc, but I don't let it consume me.  Switching news clients isn't always
a simple task, so it needs to be a big enough of a problem to warrant such a solution.

> > > He's not only top-replying, but also improperly quoting with the
> > > stupid oe "Original message" mess rather than >... Makes it very
> > > painful to read in standards-conformant mua's.
> >
> > If someone will point me to a netiquette page, I will do my best to
> > follow it.
> See RFC1855. You do know what RFCs are, don't you?

Now that I have spent 30 min reading that over 46k of text, I don't see how it addresses any of the complaints (top posting, quote
chars, pgp signed formats - doesn't even contain the string "mua".)  So if this page is the
guidelines, I seem to be in compliance.  If you disagree, or have any other pages, quote the relevant text and URL it is from.
Example: "But do not include the entire original!"  It shouldn't take anyone more than a few minutes to figure out if it is relevant
or not.

If you post and I feel it is constructive, I'll reply with a thanks - otherwise I'll just ignore it.

Carl Karsten

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