[MPlayer-users] Re: Mplayer Playlist problem (Bug?), input file problem etc.

Konstantinos Karydas kkar at intracom.gr
Wed Jul 16 16:18:06 CEST 2003

I am trying to use the CVS but it prompts for a CVS password, which I don't
have. What am I doing wrong? Should I have a CVS password, or should I
obtain one? How?

Thanks, troubled,

Please try CVS it was recently fixed and stuff like
seek 15 3

are now working.

But note that you can't use this with network sources or if the cache is
enabled. This is because the input will be read during blocking operations,
so network connection or cache filling can be interupted.
Also the file will be read only one time.

The "intended use" of this option is to allow control of mplayer from
the shell. You create a pipe somewhere and put
in your config file. Then when mplayer is running you can control it
with echo for example:
echo "somecommand" > /path/to/my/pipe

But feel free to do whatever you'd like with it :)
Everything is controlled by a small evil group
to which, unfortunately, no one we know belongs.

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