[MPlayer-users] Problem of mplayer playing process

kukulcan u9006101 at ttu.edu.tw
Wed Jul 16 11:31:21 CEST 2003

D Richard Felker III <dalias at aerifal.cx> said:

> Wow, this is a rare treat...usually lusers post user questions to the
> developer list, but here you actually posted an intelligent
> development question to the users list. :)
> In any case, I think the file you want to modify is
> libmpcodecs/demux_audio.c, which currently handles wav and mp3 files.
> You could make it detect and handle aac as well. 
Yes....I modify the swich and if/else statement and add a new audio type 'AAC'
But , do I have to pass some in to 'sh_audio_t'? How could I get the info?

> However, I think the following will work:
> mplayer file.aac -rawaudio on:format=0x........
> where format is filled in with the string "mp4a" converted to a 32bit
> integer in (I think) little endian order ('m' | 'p'<<8 | '4'<<16 |
> 'a'<<24).
Hmmmmm...I had tried this:
"mplayer classic128.aac -rawaudio on:format=0x6134706d -v -v -v"
and "0x6134706d" will force to use 'mp4a' and call 'libfaad' to decode the
input. But....It can't work fine. I have several sample files, only one file
could output sound(very very very bad quality),other said that 'FAAD: Trying
to resync!..........etc' and I got a segfault.
I think it have to pass some information to libfaad to make it work correctly.
So the program should get the header information from the AAC file , and do
some process.

Now is the new problem, Is there any sample code to use libfaad?

I try to trace ~/libmpdemux/demux_mov.c. I want to know how the program pass
the information. For now , I got nothing....

Could any one point me where do I miss or where I could get some example ?

Live long and prosper.

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