[MPlayer-users] how to encode separate video and audio into single file ?

Jan Samohyl samohyl at webseek.cz
Sat Jul 12 23:28:19 CEST 2003


I was disappointed to find out that mplayer (I use 0.90) doesn't grab sound from tv card (respectively from the sound card, 
where is it sent through line-in), so I now record audio and video at the same time separately. So I have movie.avi without 
sound and movie.mp3 as the sound, and can do thing like

mplayer movie.avi -audiofile movie.mp3

which works great. However, I would like to know, how to generate single file from these two, making video with audio. If I do

mencoder -aoc copy -voc copy -audiofile movie.mp3 movie.avi -o movie_with_sound.avi

I get a lot of lost frames, and the video quality of the movie_with_sound.avi decreases significantly. I tried -noskip, but it 
didn't worked. I appreciate any help, even for solving the original problem. Thanks.

Regards, Jan Samohyl

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