[MPlayer-users] time scale problem, bug ?

Pupeno pupeno at pupeno.com
Sat Jul 12 21:34:14 CEST 2003

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Nobody had this problem ?
Can anyone test it and confirm if it happens or of it does NOT happen ?
Thank you.

On Friday 11 July 2003 12:04, Pupeno wrote:
> [Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read DOCS/bugreports.html]
> Hello mplayer users/developers.
> I'm having a weird problem with mplayer... I'll descrive it with an
> example. I have a video that with mplayer -identify reports the following
> information ID_VIDEO_FORMAT=0x10000001
> ID_VIDEO_FPS=24.000
> That is, it has a length of 53 seconds, but when I play it, the real
> length, seems to be 43 seconds.
> Look at the last line of it decoding
> A:  43.0 V:  43.0 A-V:  0.007 ct:  0.050  1018/1018   5%  4%  0.8% 8 0 0%
> So far, it seems just like an error while reporting the length, but the
> real strange things comes wheen seeking...
> Seeking in absolute time mode... it seems to seek as if the video as 53
> seconds long... so, if I jump to second 42 I'm nto 1 second away from the
> end, but 11 seconds away from the end, and the dynamic output shows this
> fact telling that it is playing seconds 34 or 35.
> So, there's an offset between the reported time with -identify and the real
> time and there's the same offset with the seek time and the real time...
> now, this offset seems to get bigger as times goes on... linealy, so, I
> would say there's a converstion factor... if I jump to second 53, it goes
> to 43, if I jump to 26.5 (53/2), it goes to 21.5 (43/2) and so on... That's
> why I say, it seems like a scaling problem, there are two scales, the real
> on, reported in the dynamic output (time and frames) and another one, used
> for seeking and reporting on -identify. Now this doesn't happen with only
> one video... it happens with all the videos I tested, BUT, all of the
> reported diferent factors, maybe the factor depends on the length of the
> video, I'm not sure about this, but the wrong scale was always bigger than
> the real one. I hope this report was useful for you, but I have to solve
> the problem in my application... to do that, all I need is to get the real
> number of frames the video has... is that posible ?
> Thank you very much.

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