[MPlayer-users] Re: New Mplayer Release???

Martin Grim mgrim at freeler.nl
Sat Jul 12 00:11:59 CEST 2003


> Martin could you please send me your test program to have a look at your
> structure? I;ve built something under Java, but I am also a bit confused
> with the mplayer behaviour.

I hate to say it, <SHAME> but in the end my test program was faulty </SHAME>. 
The fflush(stdout) after my prints to stdout did the trick. Thanks to Rich for 
pointing this out.

My test program looks something like

#include "everything needed.h"

int main(int argc, char **argv)
    // some checking on argc and argv

    int index = 0;

    while (index != atoi(argv[1]))
        printf("command for mplayer\n");	// could be pause or seek
        fflush(stdout);                    // the missing piece...

    return 0;

In the end, this does exactly what I expected. Next thing is to incorporate 
this into my realy program... Lets see how that goes.


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