[MPlayer-users] fbdev: screensize is smaller than video size

justin case justin_case at gmx.net
Fri Jul 11 18:13:20 CEST 2003

> > i can be quite sure, it wasn't me tryinginvalid modelines but
> one i find the
> > time, i'll investigate that again. thx for the hint.
> Start with a modeline for VGA. Multiply dotclock and all four
> horizontal timing numbers by W/640, where W is the width you want. It
> should work.

i'll try that when i find some time. thx.

> > > It can only scale in hardware if you have vidix support. Otherwise
> > > it's no better than fbdev.
> >
> > i wrote it _sems_ so scale in hardware.
> > simple little test: play a clip without -fs and -zoom on a slow
> machine that
> > takes like 80% already for plain decoding - no chance to scale
> in software,
> > right? now go for -fs and -zoom using vesa and you will get a
> beautifully
> > scaled fullscreen video using right your 80% cpu.
> > how can that be?
> I'd have to see more specifics to tell you. Probably you enabled vidix
> without realizing it, or else the performance just evens out by
> cutting X out of the loop (X slows you down a LOT). As long as your
> vesa res is close to the movie res, it won't take much additional time
> to scale, since it's already converting colorspace anyway.

you don't need no specs. just _try_ what i wrote and you should get the same
results as i got.
i didn't use vidix. i figured that out with a tnt2 card. no vidix driver
i don't ever use x.

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