[MPlayer-users] Tivo Streams, Audio Sync, Audio Resampling. THANKS!

Net Dragon netdragon at dragonspot.net
Wed Jul 9 19:32:27 CEST 2003

Hey all.. Well thanks for all your help. After only 2 weeks of reading
through DOC and MAN files, consulting this list and a few other helpful
things happening along the way I am finally encoding streams off my
ex-housemates Tivo 743 miles away. (It's a long story).

My last remaining problem was with the audio sync issue. I managed to
figure it out on my own. FOr some reason I was encoding at 30FPS. I knew
that the Tivo Streams where standard NTSC 29.97FPS but I did not think
that was the problem. Sure enough I plugged in that proper FPS and the
problem where the audio would slowly drift away from the video did not
happen in the quick 10 minute sample encode that I did. I have some 30min
1 hour and 2 hour World Rally Videos that I need to get encoding. My Linux
box is gonna be a busy one for some time now!

Thanks again all! Oh and I would like to thank Bokor "Doc" Norbert for all
of his help as well in direct e-mails! I know this is all really cheesy to
you but I am really excited that this all works now! THanks,

- Jason "NetDragon" Howard

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