[MPlayer-users] Bug? Gui/Console DVD Subtitles

Marcelo Fernandez fernandezm at ciudad.com.ar
Wed Jul 9 10:27:41 CEST 2003

Hi, I think I found a bug. I experienced this behavior in 0.90 final and
07-09-03 Cvs version.
I have a Mandrake 9.1 (kernel 2.4.21-0.13) on a Athlon 1.4 Thunderbird
Libc version: 2.3.1
X version: 4.3.0
gcc version: 3.2.2
ld version: 20030121
Video Card: nVidia TNT2 with NVIDIA 4363 (lastest) drivers
Sound Card: Creative SBLive! Value with open source (mandrake 9.1
included) OSS drivers.

Well, I'm using the gui and compiled everything fine (with mpdvdkit).
CSS works fine, the movie and sound goes on...
But I have a problem with subtitles: there are 3 o 4 languages (let's
say, for example, "None", Portuguese, Spanish and English) in GUI's
Subtitle Menu. 

- If I select "None", the are no subtitles -> OK.
- If I select "Portuguese", there are Portuguese subtitles -> OK.
- If I select "Spanish", there are PORTUGUESE subtitles -> Wrong
- If I select "English" (the last one), there are SPANISH subtitles ->

And what happends if I want English subtitles??? I don't know, I
couldn't make it work from gui.....
It seems that the subtitles are moved by 1 place forward.... It happends
with every DVD I played. 
In resume, the last subtitle appearing in the menu, shows the subtitle
before it.

If I try with the same DVD and console mplayer, I could make it work,
but only saying -sid 4 (where it is supposed that there is no sid 4).

When I execute mplayer -dvd 1 -v, it says:

[open] audio stream: 0 audio format: ac3 (5.1) language: en aid: 128
[open] audio stream: 1 audio format: ac3 (stereo) language: en aid: 129
[open] number of audio channels on disk: 2.
[open] subtitle ( sid ): 0 language: pt
[open] subtitle ( sid ): 1 language: es
[open] subtitle ( sid ): 2 language: en
[open] number of subtitles on disk: 3
DVD start cell: 0  pack: 0x0-0x17FC6
DVD start=0 end=2803992

Ok, here is the same gui-thing: I try:
a) mplayer -dvd 1 -sid 1 --> portuguese
b) mplayer -dvd 1 -sid 2 --> spanish (different from gui)
c) mplayer -dvd 1 -sid 3 --> spanish again (it is supposed that is
d) even the -v option said that there was only 3 sid numbers, I try -sid
4 option... and appears english subtitles!! 

This dvd example is from "Pay it Forward" movie, but, I remember that it
happened with "Driven" movie too, and a lot....

I expect you could understand me.
If anyone wants more information, just ask!
I'm glad to help to fix this issue....

Thanks You!

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