[MPlayer-users] [question] Can i use fullscreen matrox dual head??

박유찬 super at linuxone.co.kr
Wed Jul 9 02:34:31 CEST 2003

Hello MPlayer
I have two vga cards - matrox G550 dual header and S3 - and  use three moniters.

But i can view on primary monitor- of course can do on S3 vga, third display - .

I want to view matrox secondary header mplayer- of course primary - .

can i view mplayer which runs full screen on which primary display and second??


P.S i have been tried matrox tv out mod but in my kernel (2.4.21) that doesn't run. 
      and matroxset cannot run. Of course i compiled mga_vid.o and it is succefully.
      the program, matroxset, cannot get parmetars passing ioctl system call.

Kernel :  2.4.21 ( patched xfs, NFS tcp)
Mplayer: 2003 07 08 cvs version
desktop: KDE 2003 06 16 cvs version
XFree86 - 4.2.1

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