[MPlayer-users] Bug: Manpage not visible with man2html

Hans Meine hans_meine at gmx.net
Tue Jul 8 17:23:47 CEST 2003

Hi again,

wondering why I could not read the manpage with "man:/mplayer" in KDE 
(suboptions are not visible correctly, but substituted with "s"), I found out 
that it's because man2html (originally written by Richard Verhoeven, modified 
by several people and used in KDE>=1 AFAIK, maybe Gnome2, too) can not handle 
commands longer than two chars. But mplayer.1 contains ".de IPs" for example, 
and "IPs" resp. "RSs", "RSss" and "REss" are longer and can not be handled.

Although it would be nice if man2html was fixed (looking at its code, it might 
be easier to somehow use groff for KDE...), I would be happy if you could 
search&replace the commands in mplayer.1!? :-)


Ciao, /  /
    /  / ANS

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