[MPlayer-users] shuffle for playlists

Jim Clark jj.clark at sympatico.ca
Mon Jul 7 23:31:01 CEST 2003

>> On my system this doesn't work. No matter where I put the -shuffle,
>> playlists
>> are not shuffled (whether it is a remote playlist or a local one).
>> If I use a list of filenames on the command line, these get shuffled, so
>> I know that shuffling is possible.

>> (although, the shuffling order is always the same - shouldn't the
>> shuffling be different everytime around??)/

OK,  I was just being stupid here. My playlist only had 3 songs and it was
just repeating in the same order by chance. Doing it a few times gives
different results.

>Here it just work. Wich version are you using ?


Playing around some, I found that I have to add -playlist to get the
shuffling on
a playlist "file". i.e.      mplayer -playlist mylist.m3u -shuffle
works fine.
But the -playlist option doesn't seem to work for URLs. And the shuffling
work (for me) without the -playlist option with a single playlist.

So for now I did a workaround, where I downloaded the remote playlists and
them (with a sed script) to add the URLs "inside" the playlist file. This
works OK,
but I would rather have it play the remote playlist!

Thanks for all the help.

Oh, one other question - how does one "REPLY" to the messages on the message
web page? I couldn't find any reply button, and I had to go to the info page
to post.



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