[MPlayer-users] stream dump from mplayer

Chittaranjan Mandal Chittaranjan.Mandal at cse.iitkgp.dhs.org
Sat Jul 5 17:17:24 CEST 2003

> > I have dumped a stream using mplayer as: mplayer -dumpstream -vcd 2
> > I have no problem playing back the stream using mplayer.
> > But, I would have liked to have dumped a mpg stream or be able to
> > convert the dumped stream to mpg.
> > How can that be done?
> mv stream.dump whatever.mpg

But then, why does file not seem to recognize stream.dump as an mpeg stream 
$ file stream.dump
stream.dump: data

$ file avseq01.mpg
avseq01.mpg: MPEG system stream data


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