[MPlayer-users] Splitting an avi file over 4Gb in size using mencoder

Steven Ellis pinguellis at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jul 4 00:19:47 CEST 2003

I have been tweaking ffmpegrec from the nvrec tools to
produce higher quality mjpeg captures, and this has
resulting in a 6Gb file being produced for a recent 65
minute capture. 

Now I usually split the file up around advert breaks
before editing to assist managability, and I usually
write a quick script around mencode to do this


mencoder -vc copy -ac copy -ss 5:10 -endpos 11:20 -o
fred_1.avi fred.avi

1. MPlayer/Mencoder can't read the index off the 6Gb
avi file. I can fix this using -idx but it takes an
age to scan such a large file

2. I can watch and split the file upto the 4Gb mark
but no later

3. The time display in MPlayer is correct, it shows
1:05 for the file time.

Any tips on how I can extract the last part of the
file so I can edit it down and re-encode to a much
more compressed format.


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pinguellis at yahoo.co.uk

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