[MPlayer-users] Re: Is my question too hard??

Jonathan Rogers jonner at teegra.net
Thu Jul 3 01:08:11 CEST 2003

lzha022 at ec.auckland.ac.nz wrote:
> I am just wondering why nobody answer my question. Is it too hard? 
> Please answer it. If it is not possible just tell me it is not possible. Do not
> leave it unanswered.
> My question:
> i am encoding a set of jpg files into avi movie. Can anyone please tell me how
> can i add a title or word to the avi in the process of encoding so that i can
> see it when the avi played.

Maybe people hoped you would RTFM before asking vaguely worded 
questions. If you had, maybe you'd have noticed "-vop bmovl". By the 
way, what are you threatening if the question is unanswered? Do you 
imagine someone owes you an answer? It's not as if anyone here will 
suffer financially if you take your "business" elsewhere, but if you ask 
reasonable questions humbly, you are likely to get help.

Jonathan Rogers

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