[MPlayer-users] Some information needed from the experts of mencoder

Vijay gill vj at vijayg.homelinux.net
Tue Jul 1 12:33:03 CEST 2003

    I have recently shifted to encoding divx's using mencoder. I am
extrememely happy with the encoding speed and quality that I get with it.
But I have a few questions:
1)    I use lavccodec with mpeg4 as codec : How do the pass 1 and pass 2
work in this case?
2)    I uses qpel for quarter pixel motion compensation. But colours start
spilling from one object to other. Is there any way to remoe this effect
other than not using qpel?
3)    Finally even if I do not give any options to -lavcopts parameter, I
get divx compatible movie and quality is excellent, and rame rate of
conversiojn is at it's peak. How does this work out because the
documentation says I must atleast provide divx4/mpeg4 parameter
to -lavcopts.

Also please share your settings of command line parameters with me to get
the best quality(if there is any more scope of getting it - I think I am
already getting the best).

Regards from
Vijay Gill
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