[MPlayer-users] Re: How to play the raw mpeg4 bitstream (ES)

Jonathan Rogers jonner at teegra.net
Tue Jul 1 11:18:03 CEST 2003

swchen wrote:
>    I have got a stream encoded with ffmpeg, with file name .m4v,
> i can sure it is a raw bitstream without any avi header
> i can decode it using ffmpeg, but how to play it using Mplayer??
> ./mplayer movie.m4v
> ========= sorry, this file format is not recognized/supported ====
> but i can sure it can be understood by libavcodec, how to solve this
> problem??

It may be understood by libavformat, but AFAIK, libavcodec does encoding 
and decoding of video and audio at the frame or sample level; it doesn't 
know about stream formats. MPlayer doesn't use libavformat, since it has 
its own demuxers. You should be able to use ffmpeg itself to put the 
video in the m4v into an AVI. Then, MPlayer can read it.

Jonathan Rogers

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