[MPlayer-users] Compiling with mp3lame support?

Net Dragon netdragon at dragonspot.net
Tue Jul 1 08:48:08 CEST 2003

OK. I was using the debian package that http://marillat.free.fr/ is
supplying but I was getting all kinds of errors or the command line
options just did not even seem to be taking effect. Finally I managed to
properly download, configure, compile & install Mplayer/encoder on my
Debian system using the traditional ./configure, make, make install
method. Before I did that though I found the latest version of mp3lame on
Freshmeat.net and installed it with the traditional method.

Finally I ran ./config for Mplayer to make sure I met it's basic
requirements for installation.. Using the documentation and ./configure
--help I came up with this config line:

./configure --with-win32libdir=/usr/lib/win32/ --enable-largefiles

I know I did not need to use the win32libdir option but I placed the files
in the /usr/lib/win32 and just wanted to make sure.

It configured compiled and installed without a problem. But I can not
encode audio.

mencoder  -endpos 0:1:0 CyprusXS.mpg -ovc frameno -o frameno.avi -oac
mp3lame -lameopts cbr:br=128:mode=1 -idx

Error: MPlayer was compiled without libmp3lame support!

I know LAME is installed. What is the option to compile with it's support?
When I do a ./configure --help and it shows all the options I can not find
anything in there for lame support. I can not seem to locate enabling LAM
support in the documentation ether.

Once again, thanks for reading my long e-mail. Take care all.

- Jason "NetDragon" Howard

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