[MPlayer-users] Via Epia and vesa:vidix

Luca Micheletti luca.micheletti at lucky.homelinux.net
Fri Feb 28 15:49:21 CET 2003

Hi all,

I have a Via Epia, i have tried all possible configuration with video
drivers and output, and IMHO  the  driver with better performance  on linux at
this moment is  vesa:vidix, but there is a problem.

When mplayer exit i loose the synchronization with tv or monitor.
The monitor says "the frequency is too high".

Is there anybody there with the same problem?

I work on EPia since december 2002 and reading the mailing list i have
seen that there are a lot of people thar are interested on Epia, and that have performance problem with

Thanks in advance.

# Luca Micheletti
# Debian GNU/Linux 
# System Administrator 

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