[MPlayer-users] Re: Crash while/after playing DV-Files

Angel angel at knight-industries.com
Thu Feb 27 23:55:14 CET 2003

> I tried mplayer-0.90_rc4 and CVS from today and both behave same. The files 
> I tried to play are DV-files captured with Adobe Premiere. When I play such 
> a file with mplayer it works normal like with any other file I try, but if 
> I want to quit mplayer or the file has come to the end mplayer crashes. 
> This also happens when I try to play a big (16GB) file I want to create a 
> VCD from. But this file is not playable to the end, it also crashes mplayer 
> the same way when I try to play beyond around 600seconds.

I've experienced the same problem. I've found that specifying ffdv as the 
codec with -vc ffdv fixes the problem for me. But that was the least of my 
problems with large dv avi files generated by Premiere. My biggest problem 
was that every 2Gb in the file there would be a video / audio distortion that 
resulted in a distorted green image on the screen and a high pitched 
screeching noise in the audio. It would last for about a second or so. I 
never found a solution to that problem so I eventually started exporting the 
video out of Premiere as a very high bitrate mpeg 2 file and then encoding 
that with mencoder. I don't use Premiere anymore now since version .6 of Kino 
was released and they fixed the audio distortion bug in exported dv avi 
files. I've not had any problems with mencoder and large dv avi files created 
with Kino. Hope this helps.


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