[MPlayer-users] Question. How to use an ogg correctly?

Wayde Milas wmilas at rarcoa.com
Thu Feb 27 22:12:32 CET 2003

I've been browsing the lists and the only way i can see to encode audio with 
oggvorbis is to first rip the audio, encode it, encode the video seperately 
with your favorite codec, then use ogmtools or whatever to merge the streams 
back together.

This is fine and all for a DVD or a file on disk but what about something 
where you are trying to encode a live stream and its not buffered to disk? 
Like off a tv receiver?

I'm thinking of building a pvr and it would be sweet to encode the stere of a 
tv in ogg... mp3/lame is nice but ogg does so much better on low quality 
stereo signals.

libvorbis is available and compiled in, but -oac is only listing copy, pcm and 
mp3lame as options. Maybe I've messed up and and not compiled something in 

Much thanks for your time.
Wayde Milas

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