[MPlayer-users] playing/converting mpeg2 files from tv

Martijn Brouwer eambrouwer at freeler.nl
Thu Feb 27 21:22:58 CET 2003

I have a few mpeg2 files that are captured from my tv-card. I would like to convert them to divx using mencoder.
When I first try to play them (mplayer myfile.mpg) I notice two problems:
- audio and video are out of sync
- the width of the video is too small by about a factor 2.
Both problems do not occur when I play the files with xine.
I thought the second problem could be due to interlacing, but the -il options did not help me.

The recording program I use, stores videos in files of 640 MB. I would like to convert them to two divx files of 650-700 MB.
In the faq I read that mpeg can be merged using 'cat file1 file2 | mencoder'. But how do I have to specify that I want two files?
If I had one file I could easisly specify the part of the video to encode with the -endpos option, but how to do this with multiple files?

Hope you can point me in the right direction.



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