[MPlayer-users] yuv4mpeg identical frames

Caj Zell caj.zell at st-embedded.com
Thu Feb 27 16:42:58 CET 2003


I probably get a lot of RTFM:s for this, but I have really tried to 
understand the reason.

When I put in a movie like "The Fifth Element" ocr "Crouching Tiger, Hidden 
Dragon" and use the following command:

mplayer -vo yuv4mpeg -nosound -cache 32768 -dvd 1 -dvd-device /mnt/cdrom/

When I look at the binary "stream.yuv" -file produced, it contains a 
sequence of frames which come in identical pairs. (I used dd for stripping 
of frames and thereafter made a diff -s on the frames and it says frame1 
and frame2 are identical, frame3 and frame4 are identical and so on.)

When I play other movies, like "Matrix" or so, this is not the case.

Why does mplayer produce these identical pairs of yuv4mpeg frames for 
certain DVD's?

Best Regards,

Caj Zell

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