[MPlayer-users] 16:9 format usage

Danny Poulsen danny.poulsen at email.dk
Sun Feb 23 23:57:10 CET 2003


Is it me who misunderstand the aspect option or what? I've got a 16:9 tv and
I'm trying show the movies in the right format on this.
When I play a 16:9 movie in 4:3 mode on the TV get black bars on all sides.
Switching to widescreen on the tv (stretching the image horizontally) I
loose the black bars on the sides - good. But now the aspect is wrong - too
wide, so I thought setting the aspect to 16:9 would remove/make the black
bars in the top and bottom smaller enlarging the image vertically. But the
opposite happens - the black bars get bigger and the image even smaller
I then tried with -vop crop but that does not seem to work with my dxr3
card - at least nothing is outputtet. Any suggestions?


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