[MPlayer-users] Re: MPlayer 0.90rc3 and rc4;driver

Zbigniew Łuszpiński zbiggy at go2.pl
Sun Feb 23 23:26:57 CET 2003

> Zbigniew ?uszpi?ski wrote:
> > Unfortunatly there is a bug somwhere in radeon vidx code that displays
> > many little colourful squares instead of mpeg movie. This not happenes
> > when playing using Xv.
> This is due to incompatability with ATI's FireGL X driver that you are
> using. If you search the archives you will find a patch I sent to dev-eng
> that fixes this.
> James.

Will this patch be built-in in MPlayer 0.90 final ?
What should I type in search box to find it in archives ?

Thanks for help,


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