[MPlayer-users] MEncoding

Konstantinos Blatzonis Kosta at gmxpro.net
Sun Feb 23 13:53:53 CET 2003

Hello Dear Users of Mplayerhq,

I have a little Problem and would be pleasd if you could help me. I copied 
some VOBs from a DVD on my Harddisk. These VOBs caintain Englisch and German 
audio track (no seperatly audiofiles; both are included in VOB). With Xine I 
can switch between the to tracks, where Audiotrack 0 the German one is and 
Audiotrack 1 the english one.
With Mplayer it is only possible when I play from DVD, with option -alang. So 
my questions are:

1. How can I change the Audiotrack in Mplayer in VOBs on my Harddisk?

2. How can I MEncode with a special Audiotrack with these VOBs?

3. And how can I compile Mplayer with mp3lib-support (I have installed lame) 
for using "-aoc mp3lame"?

Thanks for any help and greetings from Tuebingen, Germany :-)


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