[MPlayer-users] identify/ dumpvideo problem

Narang narang at comcast.net
Sun Feb 23 13:23:50 CET 2003

I am running the latest version of mplayer from the head of cvs. 

I have used mencoder 'copy' codec to generate a avi file from
dvd. This avi (~ 4 GB) has two problems:

i) The video bitrate listed by the 'identify' option is incorrect - it
is listed as much larger than the actual bitrate.

ii) The video file generated using 'dumpvideo' is not recognized by

If I use mencoder as a vcr - the output avi file has the following

i) the aspect ration listed by the 'identify' option is 0 when it
should be 1.33.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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