[MPlayer-users] Too quick dvd subtitles

Janne Nivala jnivala at cs.joensuu.fi
Sat Feb 22 17:51:49 CET 2003

I've got a problem with dvd subtitles:

If I just play the dvd from the beginning, the titles seem to work ok. But
if I skip forward/back (arrow keys), this problem occurs: The titles begin
to appear for a very short moment and sometimes don't display at all.

I tried MPlayer 0.90rc4 and dev-CVS-030222-07:00-2.95.4. I'm using Linux
2.4.18 (Debian Woody) with Hollywood+ decoder card on a P166MMX. When
playing dvd the system was idle 65-70%.

The dvd was region 2, Finnish subtitles, English audio. The command line
was: "mplayer -dvd 1 -slang fi -sid 7 -alang en -vo dxr3 -ao
oss:/dev/dsp". I have installed font-arial-18-iso-8859-1.

I tried RTFM:ing, but I could not find help.


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