[MPlayer-users] divx to svcd using mencoder?

Svante Signell svante.signell at telia.com
Fri Feb 21 00:35:28 CET 2003


Anybody knows if it is possible to convert DIVX4 (vfm:ffmpeg,
afm:mp3lib) encoded files to SVCD (or VCD) format (vfm:libmpeg2,
afm:mp3lib/mp2lib) using mencoder? 

Both mencvcd, ripmake dvd:rip etc either use transcode or mplayer for
the decoding but all use mpeg2enc (and corresponding for audio) for
encoding, but mpeg2enc is so terribly _slow_...

The output format should be PAL (or NTSC) mpeg2 for video and/or
mpeg2/mpeg3 for audio to be usable for the HW DVD-player connected to
the TV supporting these formats. (One possibility is to use a laptop
connected to the TV for playing, but in this case no recoding is needed,
and is not preferred ...)

One complication is the aspect ratio is 2.50:1 and SVCD only supports
4:3 and 16:9.

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