[MPlayer-users] Libavcodec made avi playback with DIVX 5.xx

Aldo Sala aldo.sala at syrea.it
Thu Feb 20 08:29:23 CET 2003

HI, i want to report a possible bug. I made a backup copy of "the devil's advocate" using libavcodec(mpeg4); the resulted avi has a very good quality ad is playedback fine by mplayer, but when i play it under windowz (DIVX 5.02/5.03) there is a passage whit macroblocks jam! I do not report the encoding parameters because I've tried i think a hundred combination and they all lead to the same result. I also tried to change the fourcc of the avi from DIVX to XVID and, using the xvid coded (under windowz), the problem doesn' appear! So I think that the problem is not realy a bug but a little incompatibility between libavcodec and DIVX (perhaps more on DIVX side). What do you think about? I've compiled both mplayer(0.90rc2/3) and lame with gcc2.95.3 (all optimization enabled for my athlon 1.7+) and i received no error messages during the encoding. The triky passage in the movie is when the "devil" appears for the first time, then he goes in the underground and then there is a time warp passage with a scene of the city, there are several HI-light/dark/HI-light rapid passages. On these passages the macroblock jam comes up and lasts some secons. 
That's all. I hope not to make you lose time whith this bugreport.
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