[MPlayer-users] encrypted dvds

en ne lttlstrwbrr at yahoo.de
Wed Feb 19 16:18:15 CET 2003

Yup, there is some kind of problem/interference
with systemwide
libdvdread/dvdcss and mpdvdkit. Here my attempts:

no systemwide libdvdread
no systemwide libdvdcss

--> libdvdread says: no encrypted dvd support

2) Recompiled with:
libdvdread systemwide
libdvdcss systemwide

---> mplayer plays enc. dvds but sluggish (even with
the -cache 8192 opt)

3) Recompiled with:
libdvdcss systewide

---> mplayer plays but screen is totally fucked up

4) recompiled with
libdvdread2 (mdk)

---> see 2

 --- Frank Boehme <f.boehme at cs.ucc.ie> schrieb: >
[Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read
> DOCS/bugreports.html]
> en ne wrote:
> > I was trying once more to install rc4 from src so
> that
> > I can see encrypted dvds, and I somehow succeded.
> Why is this a problem? AFAIK, mplayer comes with its
> own version of
> DeCSS and dvdread and those will not be installed as
> shared libs but go
> into the executable. So there should be no
> interfefence whatsoever with
> existing shared versions.
> Or is the problem that mpdvdkit is currently broken?
> Frank
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