[MPlayer-users] encrypted dvds

en ne lttlstrwbrr at yahoo.de
Wed Feb 19 15:55:44 CET 2003

now I can see encrypted dvds.. but they are slow 
(it deosnt depend on the drive though)
Maybe cause mplayer uses the systemwide libdvdread and
libdvdcss EVEN IF it compiles with mpdvdkit ENABLED?
As far as I see there is some sort of intereference!
Still fumbling around to see what happens..

--- Frank Boehme <f.boehme at cs.ucc.ie> schrieb: >
[Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read
> DOCS/bugreports.html]
> en ne wrote:
> > I was trying once more to install rc4 from src so
> that
> > I can see encrypted dvds, and I somehow succeded.
> Why is this a problem? AFAIK, mplayer comes with its
> own version of
> DeCSS and dvdread and those will not be installed as
> shared libs but go
> into the executable. So there should be no
> interfefence whatsoever with
> existing shared versions.
> Or is the problem that mpdvdkit is currently broken?
> Frank
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