[MPlayer-users] Channel Option not responding

Rob MacNeill macneillrob at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 16 11:13:48 CET 2003

Hi all,
I am using an ATI TV-Wonder card for capturing tv.  It seems that no matter 
what I put in the channel option
(-tv on:driver=v4l:device=/dev/video0:input=0:norm=ntsc:channel=X),
the tuner does not respond.  I am always getting the same channel.  I would 
have thought this was a problem with my tuner or tuner modules, except that  
I can switch through all channels using xawtv.  So my tuner and card seem to 
work; why can't I switch channels in MPlayer?!?

If anyone can shed some light, I'd appreciate it!
Thanks, Rob

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