[MPlayer-users] Announce kmplayer-0.7.1

Koos Vriezen koos.vriezen at xs4all.nl
Sat Feb 15 18:57:51 CET 2003


I'm working on a mplayer frontend for kde-3.1, and I might as well
announce it on this list one day. So here it is.

The sources are at http://www.xs4all.nl/~jjvrieze/kmplayer.html and you
need kde-3.1 (or even better the current KDE_3_1_BRANCH from cvs).
KMPlayer embeds mplayer using the -wid -slave options.

As a stand-alone application it can:
- play movies from file/url
- play DVD
- play VCD
- play from a pipe
- keep movie sizes ratio
- control arts volume
- resize/fullscreen support
- optional show mplayer output before and after a movie plays
- configurable pattern matching
- proxy settings from konqueror are uses to set http_proxy env. var.

It's also a KPart, making it possible to embed in konqueror (preview in
'Embedded KDE interface for MPlayer') or in KHTML for watching movies on
the web. When embedded, it can't play DVD/VCD/from a pipe but other
options are available (resizing in a html page works only with kde-3.1
from cvs). Additionally:
- Javascript support
- DCOP KMediaPlayer interface support

One of my todo's is TV support. Unfortunately, tested with rc3, mplayer
doesn't run stable when watching TV. Eg, after watching for half an hour,
it suddenly starts to eat CPU. Another thing is that I can't use xawtv
anymore after using mplayer (I have to rmmod the tv related modules

Thanks for reading and providing such a wonderfull player.


Koos Vriezen

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