[MPlayer-users] -vop expand otion with -xy option together

Jiri Hofman hofman at KMLinux.fjfi.cvut.cz
Sat Feb 15 11:58:44 CET 2003

I've tried to alias my mplayer with "mplayer -framedrop -xy 640 -vop 
expand=640:480" to have always subtitles displayed in botton blank area. But 
mplayer ignores -xy optin when -vop expand entered to.
The reason for doing this is that different video files have different 
resolutions and I've tried to "automatize/to save my nerves" ;-). It's not 
very comfortable always first find out the resolution of the movie a then 
enter the right numbers to the expand option.
I know that -xy X doesn't set original size of frames to X which is read by 
Is there any other solution, how to temporarily set the original size?

Thanx very much for replaying, Hofos

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