[MPlayer-users] AniMatrix

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Fri Feb 14 13:58:50 CET 2003


> > 
> > Although this might be irrelevant to us Linux users, it explains why
> > mplayer cannot play this file without the mentioned patch.
> > 
> > It is really stupid, it's like they took each frame of the anime, 
> > scanned it to JPEG files and cat them to a MOV container...
> Not exactly.  The start is mjpeg, then after a small amount of time
> it's sorenson (iirc).  Hence the audio desync if you just skip the
> mjpeg.
> I'm not convinced the current mplayer structure would take enjoy
> changing codecs on the fly much.

the whole structore of this (and similar) mov file remonds me to
the DVD navigation shit. still images, multiple tracks, on-the-fly
codec changes, programmed delay and playback order/sequence,
interactive controls in the file (think of all those reference movs)...
if we want to support all this shit we have to reimplement the whole
quicktime 6 player from scratch...

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