[MPlayer-users] Mplayer Stream Player

usenet at wingert.org usenet at wingert.org
Fri Feb 14 05:59:16 CET 2003

I want to use MPlayer to stream files off a network server using a lightweight

-slave mode provides me some of the features I want.  However, not quite.

I basically want mplayer to respond back to me upon receipt of keyboard/mouse 
input from the user in addition to the -slave command protocol and video
eg. There are three active streams between the control program and mplayer.
1)  -slave protocol     (program to mplayer)
2)  userinput protocol  (mplayer to program)
3)  video/audio stream.

stream 2 provides information back to my control program from mplayer.
For example when mplayer receives a forward arrow (to skip forward).  
I would like MPlayer to tell my program via the stream "skip 5".
My control program then repositions the video/audio stream.

This gives me two advantages : 1) my program doesn't have to re-do all the
great input.conf/input work in player and 2) mplayer can still do OSD stuff.

Does this make sense?

Better yet, has anyone worked on this before I attempt to do it?


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