[MPlayer-users] to use b-frames with mencoder

Betto Pinguino betto.la at inwind.it
Wed Feb 12 15:01:07 CET 2003

hi, first at all sotty for my bad english
a stupid question but b-frames with lavc are active by default or isn't?
because in docs documents:

vmax_b_frames 0-4 (maximum number of B frames between non B frames)
        0 no b frames (default)
        0-2 is a sane range for mpeg4

and i think that is not active by default...but then there is this
command line:

vb_strategy 0-1 for pass 2
        0 allways use the max number of B frames (default)
        1 avoid B frames in high motion scenes (this will cause bitrate

so if i use this line i use or not b-frames?

mencoder -oac copy -o /mnt/divx/file_finale.avi -ovc lavc -lavcopts
vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=10000:vhq:vpass=2:keyint=50 -vop
scale=592:352,pp=0x20000 -mc 1 /mnt/divx/film.vob

very very thanks

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