[MPlayer-users] (BUGREPORT) Anybody has problems with subcp in RC3 and RC4?

Aleksander Adamowski olo at altkom.com.pl
Tue Feb 11 17:15:38 CET 2003


In RC2 subcp option worked fine for me and I had subcp=WINDOWS-1250 in

In RC3 and RC4 it is broken - the characters are translated improperly, if a
subfile encoded in windows 1250 has DOS-style CR/LF end of line characters.
Instead of polish diacritical characters I get garbage chars.

The same subfile displays fine when I revert to RC2.

I'm compiling Mplayer with freetype support:
./configure --enable-freetype --enable-gui --enable-debug
--enable-largefiles --enable-linux-devfs --enable-menu --enable-new-conf

I'm attaching a test.txt subfile.
Just in case my mailer does some recoding with it, here's its MD5 checksum:

$ md5sum test.txt
9c651b04b9e013182fd9bd8d566bf482  test.txt

My subfont.ttf, config, and the test.txt subtitle is published here:

You'll also find screenshots there.
The first one is made in RC2, where subtitles display fine, the second and 
third are from RC4, where the characters are garbled. Those screenshots were 
made on the same test files - the only difference between them is MPlayer 
version used.

Best Regards,
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