[MPlayer-users] Re: How to use 2 H+ board on a same PC ? (It's working)

etienne gandhi gandhi.etienne at siemens.com
Tue Feb 11 09:39:53 CET 2003

After solving my device major/minor problem, I can play movies (A/V) on each
H+ board.

To create the device for thr 2sd board, use the minor 4,5,6,7 See the
devices_1.sh script:

#! /bin/sh
# This is a simple scripts to create the devices for em8300 driver,
# it should abort if you have the devfs filesystem mounted, em8300
# supports devfs so there should be no need.
DEVFS=`cat /proc/mounts | grep " devfs "`

if [ -z "$DEVFS" ] ; then
	echo "Devfs not mounted creating device nodes"
	mknod /dev/em8300-1    c 121 4
	ln -fs /dev/em8300-49 /dev/em8300-1
	mknod /dev/em8300_mv-1 c 121 5
	ln -fs /dev/em8300_mv-49 /dev/em8300_mv-1
	mknod /dev/em8300_ma-1 c 121 6
	ln -fs /dev/em8300_ma-49 /dev/em8300_ma-1
	mknod /dev/em8300_sp-1 c 121 7
	ln -fs /dev/em8300_sp-49 /dev/em8300_sp-1
	chmod 666 /dev/em8300*
echo "Hmmm, looks like you have devfs mounted, Im going to be safe and
leave things alone!"

For board 3 use minor: 8,9,10,11 and for 4th board use minor 12,13,14,15
(not tested by myself).

There is a small bug in Mplayer (I am using: 0.90rc2-2.95.4), as it confuse
the ASCII code and the device number. So, device 0 is seen as 48, and device
1 as 49, so when you access /dev/em8300-0, in fact Mplayer try
/dev/em8300-48. Same for dev/em8300-1, Mplayer try /dev/em8300-49.
For the moment, this bug can be bypassed using a link as you can see in the
script (ln -fs /dev/em8300-49 /dev/em8300-1).

Then setup devices and upload the microcode: 
# ./ldm
# ./em8300setup

You should see 2 uploades.

And play:
$ mplayer -aid 2 -vo dxr3:prebuf:sync:norm=3:1 -ao oss:/dev/em8300_ma-1
$ mplayer -aid 1 -vo dxr3:prebuf:sync:norm=3:0 -ao oss:/dev/em8300_ma-0

On my AMD 1.2GHz, with 256Mo SDRAM, both movies are fluent (512x288) and
picture on TV is perfect.
If I try to play a 3th movie on my VGA and Sound Board, this 3th movie is

I will try with 2 more boards, and keep you updated.

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