[MPlayer-users] Problem with using alsa/hwac3

Bartek Kulicki bartek at interecho.com
Mon Feb 10 20:20:06 CET 2003


> Mplayer options:
> -ao alsa9 -ac hwac3


I had same problem until Peter Niemayer <niemayer at isg.de> posted this:

> This Alsa/AC3 desync problem is easy to fix: Use Alsa 0.9 (rc5 or
> and the mplayer option "-ao alsa9:mmap:noblock"

give it a try - works great for me. I suggest to put it in the docs.
Question to others - is it possible to always use alsa9:mmap:noblock
when -ac hwac3 is in use ? Some config options i'm not aware of ?

best regards,


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