[MPlayer-users] ANNOUNCE: 0.90-rc4 released

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Mon Feb 10 01:43:44 CET 2003


in short: critical and noncritical bugfixes, massive docs updates, some new

  rc4:  "FlameCounter"

    * some clarification and updates in the English DOCS
    * massive translation and help-file updates

    * -ac hwac3 fixed (was broken in rc3)
    * vo_svga: 4bp & 8bpp fixes
    * various GUI fixes, including some critical bugs
    * rage128 VIDIX PPC fixes
    * libmenu: one crash fixed, some cleanup
    * fixed ./configure --cc="ccache gcc"
    * -loop fixes, now -loop 2 plays it twice :)
    * the volume symbol of OSD fixed (|\ -> /|)
    * 32bpp QT-RLE support
    * Altivec on non-Darwin systems support
    * QuickTime reference file support fixes
    * mp3lib: layer-2 decoding fixes
    * updates to extension->demuxer mapping table
    * libavcodec: DivX 5.03 decoding fix
    * ao_oss: limited channels handling fixed
    * fixed OGM subtitles and iconv
    * fixed -subcp option with unicode truetype fonts
    * -mf: type detection (based on extension), better defaults
    * vo_xv: -fixed-vo support fixed (fullscreen switching)
    * ogg-in-avi (audio format 0xFFFE) demuxing fixed
    * vorbis decoding fixed (outer loop cleanup)
    * swscaler: 4bpp depth 1 pixel/byte format support for -vo svga
    * missing error message in command line parser for missing parameters
    * swscaler: YVU9->YV12 fixes
    * -ao mpegpes + -ac hwac3 fixed
    * -ao pcm bogus wav header fixed
    * -vo x11 + -wid fixed
    * auto-insert the 'palette' filter if needed, support fixed in filters
    * the sig11 when playing second audio-only file fixed
    * configure: detection of cdda, nas, i18n, svgalib, faad2, lame fixed
    * -af/-af-adv support in mencoder fixed
    * libmpdvdkit2: upgraded to use libdvdcss 1.2.5
    * raw video support (-rawvideo, similar to -rawaudio)
    * experimental mpeg4-ES support (enable with -demuxer 27 -fps xxx)
    * new video filter: field (cheap deinterlacer)
    * dvd/vobsub improvements: positioning, optional gaussian blur scaler
    * vf_bmovl: 400% speedup :)
    * libavcodec: native DV audio decoder
    * GIF demuxer (for animated GIFs)
    * new noise removal filter: -vop denoise3d
    * per-channel gamma and MMX-opt'ed bri/cont/saturation support in -vop eq2
    * live.com lib support cleanup, support for more stream types
    * importing the playtree into the Gui instead of gui's own playlist hack
    * support for the xvid and divx4/5linux libraries at the same time
    * -fstype option: override priority/layer of the fullscreen switch methods
    * libavcodec: some B-frames related encoding failures/crashes fixed

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

Developer of MPlayer, the Movie Player for Linux - http://www.MPlayerHQ.hu
    "However, many people beg for its inclusion in Debian. Why?" - Gabucino
  "Because having new software in Debian is good." - Josselin Mouette
"Because having good software in Debian is new." - Gabucino

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