[MPlayer-users] tv screen "splitting"

Olivier Warin wasto1234567 at yahoo.de
Sat Feb 8 18:31:25 CET 2003

i would like to do a little special thing:
i want to watch something from a tv-card on  two monitors. th first one should 
show the left half of the image and the second one sould show the right part. 
and of course so the full image sould  be streched onto two screens.
i hope i have made myself clear, what i want to do...

so what did i try:
i put two tv-cards and graphic-cards in my computer. then i splitted a 
cinch-cabel with an y-cabel. and i puted this input in both tv-cards.
and started the whole thing with this two commands:

mplayer -f -vop crop=640:480:0:0,scale=1280:480  -tv \ 
on:driver=v4l:width=640:height=480:input=1:device=/dev/video0 -display :0.0


mplayer -f -vop crop=640:480:640:0,scale=1280:480  -tv \ 
on:driver=v4l:width=640:height=480:input=1:device=/dev/video1 -display :0.1

so far so good. it worked. but always one part of the picture was slow. this i  
do not understand. if i try only one screen it always works fine.

can someone please help me?
and is it possible to do this hole thing with only one tv-card? and if yes, 

thanks for tipps.

greatings, oli

ps. sorry about my bad english

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